Saturday, September 24, 2011

Complete, but not

We got the most useless letter from our builder this week... in summary; Fixing stage is complete (well yeah, I just paid the invoice)... The house is almost complete, painting makes it look real nice, here's a list of things yet to be done. There will be an inspection, but we can't tell you when yet... Sigh... I guess I shouldn't complain, it's about the first bit of information regarding the status of the house that I have gotten from the office (other than the stage invoices).

On the positive side, we sorted out why we thought we had paid a variation and they didn't... lets just say we are going to have the cost of the variation ($217.50) still left to draw out of our home-loan when the final claim is made.

Swung by the house today - no black plastic over any of the windows, and it looks like the internal painting is complete. I think all the painting that is left is the staining of the front timber (door and windows)... at least I hope so as they don't look like they have been painted yet. (-;

Anyway, enough with the boring blather, on with the pictures.

Update: We took the folks by today and I remembered to check if there was a solar panel on the roof to match the copper pipes sticking out of the wall - lo and behold there is! One more thing off the list.

(Click image for larger view)

The front... the gables and eaves are painted... and the downpipes are there; but not connected to the waste yet... I'm not sure if this is an improvement as the water just gets dumped closer to the house - but at least it is progress, and hopefully the plumbing will be connected soon.

Main bedroom.... bring on the carpet and pictures!
(patience grasshopper)

Bedroom 4...not much else to say... it's painted.

Laundry... just wait till the tiles come in to break up the beige (I mean cargo white).

Kitchen - yay the cornices made it before the painting finished.
(not that I was worried or anything)

My study.
The observant might notice something waiting for the next task.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nothing to see

Well not much anyway... When we took a look over the weekend ALL the windows were blacked out (plastic), so we couldn't see a thing. The only thing that indicated progress was the painted gables and garage roof (and an empty bucket of paint).

Today we dropped by quickly, and the painters didn't seem impressed to see me, so all I got was a picture of the garage - the garage walls have now been painted, and the plastic removed from the front windows, and they were starting on the garage door.... so I'm hopeful the rest of the walls are painted too. We'll probably drop by again on Saturday sometime, so we'll have another update then.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There's a problem

This may sound silly... but something has finally gone wrong - I feel like it's a real build now.

We took photos of the Kitchen, then realised that the pot drawers were all the same size - they weren't meant to be. We checked this morning, and they are all like that; all three banks. Called the SS and let him know, and it should be in the process of being fixed.. bit sad really because it still looks nice the way it is, and I hate to waste things - but we did ask for the change for a reason. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Meanwhile, more progress pictures!

After a quick trip to the house (got to go inside - yay!), we have decided to leave the drawers as they are. The reason is that while we would have been happy with the drawers the way we asked as the top drawer would have fitted our coffee mugs,pot lids, and utensils... we found that the drawers as they are fit the biggest pot we currently have to put into them, while tall glasses would not have fitted into the smaller drawer. So leaving them as they are makes them more flexible. Even though the extra 3cm on the bottom drawers may have proven to be useful, it is only 3 cm. Add to that the delay in ordering new fronts, the mess created by moving the drawer runners, and the compensation offered by the cabinet maker to accept them as they are, and it just seemed better to leave it and move on. Done.

(Click image for larger view)

The eaves are all done now, still missing the finials... but the truck is the interesting thing here... the guy was here to take the templates off to make our stone bench-tops - can't wait to see them installed.

These are the offending drawers... clearly all the same height, while the top one should be 25%, the remaining two 37.5% each.

I was also able to confirm that our bathroom cabinets are definitely in. are the top laundry cabinets...

... and the bench in the study nook (and WIP)... all the shelving beading is in place (but not the shelves). In fact I think the carpenters have finished round one of the fit-out; waiting for painting, which will be next - and probably take two weeks.

Here's the view of our front door from the other side... wonder who will be the first guests we open the door to?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What do you feed a Gobbledok?

This week the chippies have been at our house.

Good progress has been made, 95% of the eave lining boards are in place - just the bit above the main bedroom window to go (where the bricks have just been added). Most of the skirting boards are in place, and I think all of the architraves. More importantly the kitchen, en-suite, laundry, (and I assume bathroom) cupboards have been put in place ready for the cornices around the overhead cupboards. I think another week should see the carpentry pretty much done!

A bit of a downer with the rain this week is that the downpipes are still not connected (except for the one stubborn temporary downpipe), so the site is muddy again (should have worn my gumboots... actually I should buy some gumboots)

Oh, and I forgot to mention (last week); that it looks like the sparky has been through and made some holes in the plaster (and stuck some wires through), one more thing off the list.

Thankfully we took both cameras with us, as the one that was in the car was missing a memory card. So here are the Alice through the looking glass pictures:

(Click image for larger view)

Here's the front of the house, you can see the gables are filled in now (yay for keeping the rain out), though the fretwork and finials are yet to be added.

The front door... you can see the eaves lining boards there...
and not there...

Midget cam...Most of the skirting is done throughout the house, this is the rumpus (marked theatre on the plan)

Dimly through the protective plastic you can see the laundry cabinets... and it looks like the sink is there waiting (for the stone bench-top) as well.

The Kitchen! Unfortunately as the missing window pane has been fitted, I can't stick the camera through the window any-more to get a different angle. But SO exciting... something that is beginning to look more like a home than a construction site (just imagine what I'm going to be like when the painting and tiling is done!).

Lastly, the en-suite... nice...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Access portals

This week, I saw the site supervisor for the lock-up stage review. He was a little late, but being a busy Monday morning the only surprise was that he tried to fit me in at all.

When we were there on Saturday, there was a big mud splatter on the bedroom wall that we were going to ask about. But by the Monday the brick cleaner had been through and done his thing (by all accounts he was very happy with the brick layer)... one less thing to bug the SS about.

I was right, the bricks were to fill in the gable (pictured above), 400 is the minimum order. I don't think they forgot so much as changed the standards, but either way I'm happy, bricks all the way up and plenty left over for a letterbox.

The plasterers finished on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday saw the carpenters come and start their work. Not sure when the brickie returned to do the gable, but it was done by Saturday. Here's the progress in pictures:

(Click image for larger view)

Here are the doors and other bits and pieces that were delivered on Monday.

More stuff for the carpenters - taking up space in the hallway.

The shower has it's vilaboard... as far as I know it's still waiting for the waterproofing. The downpipes should be happening shortly too.

The en-suite toilet has it's door and architraves.

Now the doors have been hung in the bedrooms (this is Bed4)

This is the main bedroom looking towards the WIR... doors but not much else.

So does the door to the en-suite - and to the left you can see they also started the skirting boards.

We also have the external door to the en-suite! (Don't worry we plan to put some sort of frosting / curtain on it!)

We also have an internal access door from the garage... they had fully plastered over it for lock-up stage! 8-)

And last but not least - the front door! Yay - looks so much better than the temporary one!

All in all, we are very happy with the progress.
Carpentry continues for another week or so, then painting and tiles, little by little every day...