Saturday, September 24, 2011

Complete, but not

We got the most useless letter from our builder this week... in summary; Fixing stage is complete (well yeah, I just paid the invoice)... The house is almost complete, painting makes it look real nice, here's a list of things yet to be done. There will be an inspection, but we can't tell you when yet... Sigh... I guess I shouldn't complain, it's about the first bit of information regarding the status of the house that I have gotten from the office (other than the stage invoices).

On the positive side, we sorted out why we thought we had paid a variation and they didn't... lets just say we are going to have the cost of the variation ($217.50) still left to draw out of our home-loan when the final claim is made.

Swung by the house today - no black plastic over any of the windows, and it looks like the internal painting is complete. I think all the painting that is left is the staining of the front timber (door and windows)... at least I hope so as they don't look like they have been painted yet. (-;

Anyway, enough with the boring blather, on with the pictures.

Update: We took the folks by today and I remembered to check if there was a solar panel on the roof to match the copper pipes sticking out of the wall - lo and behold there is! One more thing off the list.

(Click image for larger view)

The front... the gables and eaves are painted... and the downpipes are there; but not connected to the waste yet... I'm not sure if this is an improvement as the water just gets dumped closer to the house - but at least it is progress, and hopefully the plumbing will be connected soon.

Main bedroom.... bring on the carpet and pictures!
(patience grasshopper)

Bedroom 4...not much else to say... it's painted.

Laundry... just wait till the tiles come in to break up the beige (I mean cargo white).

Kitchen - yay the cornices made it before the painting finished.
(not that I was worried or anything)

My study.
The observant might notice something waiting for the next task.

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