Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There's a problem

This may sound silly... but something has finally gone wrong - I feel like it's a real build now.

We took photos of the Kitchen, then realised that the pot drawers were all the same size - they weren't meant to be. We checked this morning, and they are all like that; all three banks. Called the SS and let him know, and it should be in the process of being fixed.. bit sad really because it still looks nice the way it is, and I hate to waste things - but we did ask for the change for a reason. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Meanwhile, more progress pictures!

After a quick trip to the house (got to go inside - yay!), we have decided to leave the drawers as they are. The reason is that while we would have been happy with the drawers the way we asked as the top drawer would have fitted our coffee mugs,pot lids, and utensils... we found that the drawers as they are fit the biggest pot we currently have to put into them, while tall glasses would not have fitted into the smaller drawer. So leaving them as they are makes them more flexible. Even though the extra 3cm on the bottom drawers may have proven to be useful, it is only 3 cm. Add to that the delay in ordering new fronts, the mess created by moving the drawer runners, and the compensation offered by the cabinet maker to accept them as they are, and it just seemed better to leave it and move on. Done.

(Click image for larger view)

The eaves are all done now, still missing the finials... but the truck is the interesting thing here... the guy was here to take the templates off to make our stone bench-tops - can't wait to see them installed.

These are the offending drawers... clearly all the same height, while the top one should be 25%, the remaining two 37.5% each.

I was also able to confirm that our bathroom cabinets are definitely in.

...so are the top laundry cabinets...

... and the bench in the study nook (and WIP)... all the shelving beading is in place (but not the shelves). In fact I think the carpenters have finished round one of the fit-out; waiting for painting, which will be next - and probably take two weeks.

Here's the view of our front door from the other side... wonder who will be the first guests we open the door to?


Debra said...

Cabinets look great....I'm sure depths will be fixed to your requirements. Don't you wonder sometimes 'who reads the plans'??

I like the front facade where one side window is in entry and other masterbedroom. Balances front door from outside nicely.

Lou and Neen said...

Like the cabinet colours. Hopefully this is only a small hiccup in the building road.

PuzSol said...

Hi Debra, we chose to leave them as is - see updated post for details. I'm not sure the plans are clear enough really; (unequal as opposed to equal) we all know how easy it is for the brain to read what it thinks is there. The cabinet maker would have expected measurements to be listed for that sort of change... oh well. As for the fa├žade, we agree whole heartedly, we were thinking about having a double door, or perhaps pushing the bedroom window forward to enclose the corner - then we saw others who had done variations of these and we didn't like it - the font is lovely and open as it is (don't mess with the architect).

Thanks LouNa.

Debra said...

A good decision on the cabinets.

Yep, people mess with Facades; you would hope an architect put a decent amount of thought into all scenarios.

Structurally done...colour selections making it your home.