Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nothing to see

Well not much anyway... When we took a look over the weekend ALL the windows were blacked out (plastic), so we couldn't see a thing. The only thing that indicated progress was the painted gables and garage roof (and an empty bucket of paint).

Today we dropped by quickly, and the painters didn't seem impressed to see me, so all I got was a picture of the garage - the garage walls have now been painted, and the plastic removed from the front windows, and they were starting on the garage door.... so I'm hopeful the rest of the walls are painted too. We'll probably drop by again on Saturday sometime, so we'll have another update then.


Debra said...

Seem to be full on painting....guy painting eaves on weekend.

Janine K said...

Any progress is good progress remember the tortoise and the hare :)

You are still ahead of us, so don't be too sad!

PuzSol said...

Hey JK... not that far - looked like the carpenters at your place today?

As for the painters, one was wearing a Metricon T-Shirt... should I be worried?