Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tainted tinting


HI everyone, I'm interrupting the regular broadcast to ask your opinion on something.... We noticed that the painter finally applied the stain to the front windows.... and kind of wish he hadn't... although it wouldn't have been good to leave it as it was, it's not looking much better now. When we picked the stain colour it was from a 2cm patch in a brochure (not the way to pick paint or stain colours it seems). Anyway, the painter is willing to work with us to resolve it, but the question is what to do? We would prefer to keep it stained and not painted (or we would have had aluminium windows), but don't know if using a lighter stain would do anything, or if a darker stain would look just as bad. We think the current result is a bit bright / fluorescent ... What do you think?

Will it fade or is that just being hopeful?


Raelene Whitten said...
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Debra said...

PuzSol, a minefield choosing colours from brochures; the stain does compliment the feature rust in the bricks.

Very accommodating of the painter to work with you; ultimately your decision. Unless you can see a sample of a new stain over the existing I'd be tempted to leave as be.

We are always super critical of every development/colour when building. I also think any stain will fade plus blend once landscaping is completed.

Look at the big picture.