Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let there be lights

Well today was a little bit different. Today I took our lights to the house to be installed by the sparky. So I met whom I assume was the apprentice going around doing all the preliminary work (very nice young man). I didn't hang around to see the results of his work, so you will have to wait to see the lights.

While I was there the guy arrived to install the solar tube (skylight) for the hallway Can't wait to see the impact it has.

Of course, I was in the house! So I took the opportunity to take some photos... except that I forgot to take a real camera, so all the photos I have are from my phone.they are what they are, and what they lack in professionalism they make up for in number. I have put them into a gallery for your viewing pleasure (The file-names are descriptive as there are no tags.)

Oh and on a side note of interesting things in the area, on the way home I went past Eden Rise Shopping Center and bumped into a replica DeLorean DMC 12 of Back to the future fame, making an appearance for charity. For those old enough or retro enough to care, here's the pics


Debra said...

Power makes it a real house....the rest is cosmetic.


Reinsey said...

All looks so shiny!!!

Not much more to go by the looks of it. Happy days :)

Trace and Nath said...

Wow things are coming along so nicely...been a while since I looked at the blog and you will be getting ants in your pants!