Monday, October 3, 2011


We were away for the weekend. We were going to visit our house on Friday; travelling in the opposite direction to our destination (because we knew the tiling was probably finished), when our little 3 year old pipes up. "I told you I don't want to go to the house...." I had to admit - she was right, we didn't need an extra hour to our trip with two little bundles, so we skipped the detour and let our curiosity build over the weekend. (... from the mouths of babes...)

Now we are home and had delayed our gratification long enough, so we went to the house after taking care of the little ones. We arrived just on sunset, so I have to apologise for the poor lighting; the photos are a bit fuzzy even though the windows were cleaned. The double-glazing made using a flash impossible... must take a light next time.

(Click image for larger view)

The en-suite has been tiled, floor and walls. The bench-top has been put in - just waiting for the plumbing, mirror, shower-screen and clean.

Here you can see the detail of the feature tiles behind the en-suite sinks a bit better.

Here is the kitchen... part of the bench-top is uncovered, which gives you an idea of the overall colour-scheme.
The shiny feature tiles are stainless-steel... yum.

Rounding off the tour of the tiles with the laundry
...nice and moody in here.

Here's the view from the back yard. You can see here that the down-pipes are finally connected to the storm-water; yay. Also the plastic has been removed from the windows and they have been cleaned.
The French doors never looked so good.

This was a surprise...
We weren't expecting the garage door!
(Or the pile of dirt for that matter)

And from the inside... almost a real garage... only the clutter to go. 8-)


Reinsey said...

Look at all that cupboard space you've got in the ensuite. Brilliant! Tiles are finishing it off beautifully too.
Won't be long now :)

Tash said...

WOW i cant beleive how quickly your build has been!! The tilling look great and i do love your garage door :) You guys are going to be in, in no time!!!

Debra said...

You guys are so close....colours look great and garage door very smart.

Decorating, landscaping all whirling around in your heads?

Are you ready for your first Xmas with the 'bundles' in the new house?

Janine K said...

Not long to go now, start packing!