Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anyone for Tiddlywinks?

For those not acquainted with the game of tiddywinks, you can get all the details here... at the moment it seems to be a bit more fun than waiting for handover, and feels about as frustrating and fiddly getting all the little bits to go where you want.

The house has effectively been finished for the last two weeks.  We had our inspection on the 4th of November, and there were only little bits of painting to be fixed, and a chip in the en-suite shower base (poly-marble) which they will fill and polish and we will never know it was there.

The big hold up are the gas and bank.  The gas line people have been busy/late a lot apparently, and between no prompting from the office to call our bank (or perhaps call them themselves?) and the busyness of the people involved the bank inspection isn't until this Thursday (17th)... and we still don't have a hand over date!

I think we won't have a handover date until the day before... really painful, and we had to give notice on our rental as we don't want to have the place for 4 weeks after handover - so the deadlines are rapidly approaching... here's hoping the winks will all drop in the cup soon eh?

On the positive side, the finials have been painted, the temporary fence, skip bin and porta-loo have been removed, and we drove by this morning to find that the gas line has been installed - so all we need now is the gas meter and we will be cooking with... ummm... gas!

I had to delay the Telstra connection (optimistically booked for this morning)... which I really hated to do, as I figured it is usually the other way around.  Here's hoping neither of us will need to delay it a second time.

My apologies for keeping you all waiting and guessing... wonder if the builder will ever offer a similar apology to us?


Debra said...

Wondering how your going; frustrated.

You will soon have those keys in your hot little hands and all will be forgotten.

Telstra!? I'll have all fingers and toes crossed for you.

Safe and happy moving.

Janine K said...

I'm with Deb, fingers crossed.

Can't believe that I will be the last one in just before Xmas, I hope!!

Keep us posted on your moving in date.

Reinsey said...

Arrggghhh...so close I bet you can taste it?

On the plus side, your home is looking AMAZING!

Hang in there Puzsol.