Monday, November 28, 2011

We are in

Sorry, no pictures yet... though I think we will have to patent the driveway technology employed to get the stuff into our house on the wettest November day in Melbourne for two years.... Should have taken a picture of William Thwaites Boulevard, which was flooded again.

We have to give a big thank you to the people who helped with the moving and cleaning, without them we wouldn't be here:
  • Nat who was the first to arrive and one of the last to leave for his packing expertise; and his wife Mel who helped at the unpacking end.
  • Keith and Daniel who pointed out that once you are wet, the rain doesn't matter any more. Worked all day like Trojans and didn't complain about the lack of tea making facilities.
  • Ryon (brother-in-law), who raced over to our house to be there for the deliveries that came before we got back with the truck, and was part of the inside team putting things where they needed to go.
  • Roy and Linda (in-laws), who packed and moved and cleaned and baby-sat and drove the truck through rain and sleet and snow and mud, and whose help we just couldn't have been without.
  • Mum and Gary, who helped keep our girls out of trouble and threw bits and pieces into boxes ready to be moved, then moved them and then some.... Who said having a guest stay in your house on the day you move in was a bad idea?
  • Dad and Lorraine, who loaned me the car that allowed me to be where my wife wasn't, the logistics would have been horrible without it.  Also big help with cleaning the rental house, getting it ready for hand back to our lovely land lady.
  • Rachel, who quietly helped put things away in our new house and generally supported my wife on a stressful day.  Rachel and Mel basically put the kitchen back together, and cleaned our feral fridge (it looks new now)
  • Tony who borrowed his work truck to move the trampoline in one peice - just as well, as I've lost the tool to put the springs back on.  And his wife Danielle who always brightens my wife's day.
  • Rebeca, who looked after our little cherubs over the moving period on numerous occasions - of more value to us than we can say.
If we forgot anyone, we are sorry, and blame the sleep deprivation.

Oh yeah, and thanks to Debra for sorting Telstra out for our street, as we had no trouble getting an excellent internet connection (best I've had anywhere).

Let's just say, we are very thankful to be in our lovely new home.... even with all the boxes of stuff we haven't seen for two years cluttering up the place.  It already feels like home.


Debra said...

Welcome to the Street.

I was thinking of you when the heavens opened but you looked pretty organized up there.

'Many hands make light work'; you certainly had wonderful friends and family on hand.

Telstra lol - I think they have a file on me that could have filled your truck!!

RAIN - we helped Gene lay his instant turf. Just got it finished but like you said 'once your wet what does it matter'.

Enjoy your beautiful new home.

Janine K said...

Congratulations on the move, I only hope ours goes as well as yours did. Look forward to meeting you soon 😊

Reinsey said...

Welcome to The Avenue!!
Did you enjoy your pizza on Saturday night?? Apparently our street names are similar and they paid us a visit first :)

PuzSol said...

Thanks everyone,

And tanks Reinsey, for not eating the Pizza, we really needed it after the long day.

That's one of the hidden costs of moving house - take-away food! 8-)