Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We have a date - and the Champagne to drink on it

Just a quick note, cause I can't help myself....

Here's the summary of events:

Thurdsay 17th - Bank inspection

Friday 18th - I ask for timelines am assured paperwork will be processed in 24 to 48 hours, transfer of funds another 24 to 48 hours, call builder to suggest that perhaps Wednesday would be a good day to organise things for. (Can we have a "date", we need to organise some things?)

Monday 21st - I advise our builder that the money has left our loan account any sign of it on their end... no our "Client Liaison" has not "been made aware" of it.

Tuesday 22nd - We receive the receipt for the final payment from the accounts department, call our Liaison and ask for the status... hoping to hear "I was just going to call you, payment received, SS advised, when can you come in".... no still "not aware" - apparently Australia Post beats internal mail - and that's with the poor postman having to get off his bike to deliver it as the footpaths are being replaced.

Wednesday 23rd - We have the keys!... with stuff organised for tomorrow as the "awareness" wasn't smacked through her pretty little head (by us) until too late in the day... the gift box looks yummy, and we have champagne to spill all over the new carpet and put the cork through the plaster.

Alls well that ends well?


Debra said...

CONGRATULATIONS - you've looked finished for sometime.

Happy and safe moving; all settled for Xmas.

Janine K said...

Fantastic news!!!! Hope the move goes well, will look out for you when we drive past.

Reinsey said...

What an ordeal!!!!! But CONGRATS on becoming the owner of keys - special Avenue keys. Fingers crossed for an uneventful move, and sincerely hope you enjoy living in this great little community of ours :)